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Recoil - Hydrology (CD)  

Recoil - Hydrology (CD)


Hydrology is a Recoil studio album, released January 25, 1988.

Hydrology was Alan Wilder's second Recoil release. The CD and cassette version included the first release, 1+2.

Wilder was unable to promote his new album because of the onset of (his band) Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses Tour. Wilder described the project at this stage as "an antidote to Depeche Mode in some ways; a way to alleviate the frustrations of always working within a pop format.

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Recoil - Hydrology (CD)

Format: Audio CD


01 - Grain
02 - Stone
03 - The Sermon
PLUS 1+2

Tipo medio Audio CD
Artista Alan Wilder

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