Depeche Mode - People Are People (US) (CD)  

Depeche Mode - People Are People (US) (CD)


"People Are People" is Depeche Mode's 10th UK single recorded at Hansa Mischraum in west Berlin, and released on 12 March 1984. It was their first hit single in the US and the first single from the Some Great Reward album.

"People Are People" was written by Martin Gore, but the dancy, pop feel of the song may be credited to Alan Wilder. Wilder wrote the B-side, "In Your Memory". Each song has an extended remix, the "Different Mix" and the "Slik Mix" respectively (although the "In Your Memory" mix is often incorrectly called the "Slick Mix"). It was one of the first songs recorded for the album when sessions began at the Hansa Mischraum studio in January 1984.

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Depeche Mode - People Are People (US) (CD)

Format: Audio CD


01 People Are People
02 Now, This Is Fun
03 Love In Itself
04 Work Hard
05 Told You So
06 Get The Balance Right!
07 Leave In Silence
08 Pipeline
09 Everything Counts

Artista Depeche Mode
Tipo medio Audio CD

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