Recoil - subHuman (CD)  

Recoil - subHuman (CD)


subHuman is the fifth album released by Recoil. Alan Wilder stated in a September 2006 YouTube greeting that there would be a new album coming in spring or early summer 2007. On 23 April 2007, he released information regarding the album via MySpace and his official website, Shunt. subHuman was released on 9 July 2007 in Europe (14 August 2007 in the US). It has been released on various formats including standard CD, gatefold vinyl and a special CD/DVD edition which includes stereo, 5.1 surround and exclusive "ambient" mixes. The DVD included all the music videos made at the time of release.

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Recoil - subHuman (CD)

Format: Audio CD


1. Prey
2. Allelujah
3. 5000 Years
4. The Killing Ground
5. Intruders
6. 99 To Life
7. Backslider

Artista Alan Wilder
Tipo de medio Audio CD

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