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Recoil - Bloodline (CD)  

Recoil - Bloodline (CD)


Bloodline is the second Recoil studio album, released April 14, 1992. It was recorded at Konk Studio, in London, during sessions that lasted from January to March 1991, being mixed late that same year. The album was produced by Alan Wilder, engineered by Steve Lyon, and assisted by Dave Eringa.

Bloodline was Alan Wilder's third Recoil release.

After completing Depeche Mode's most successful album, Violator, and subsequent World Violation Tour (with Nitzer Ebb as the support act), Wilder co-produced Nitzer's 1991 album Ebbhead. This cemented both a good personal and working relationship with Nitzer lead singer Douglas McCarthy. After completing the Nitzer Ebb album, Wilder went to work on his solo project, and McCarthy returned the favor by performing on the Recoil album.

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Recoil - Bloodline (CD)

Format: Audio CD


1. Faith Healer
2. Electro Blues For Bukka White
3. The Defector
4. Edge To Life
5. Curse
6. Bloodline
7. Freeze

Artista Alan Wilder
Tipo de medio Audio CD

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