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Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (CD+DVD)  

Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (CD+DVD)


Sounds of the Universe is the twelfth studio album by English electronic music band Depeche Mode, released on 17 April 2009 by Mute Records. It was supported by the 2009–10 concert tour Tour of the Universe. Three singles were released from the album; "Wrong", "Peace", and a double A-side of "Fragile Tension" and "Hole to Feed". "Perfect" was also released in the US as a promotional single.

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Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (CD+DVD)

Format: Audio CD /DVD


1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt


Sounds Of The Universe [A Short Film] (10.05)
Wrong (promo video - 3.16)

Sounds Of The Universe in 5.1 surround sound
In Chains - Minilogue’s Earth Remix
Little Soul - Thomas Fehlman Ambient Mix
Jezebel - SixToes Remix

Tipo de medio Audio CD
Artista Depeche Mode

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