Terms and conditions of use

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between buyer and seller in the sale of goods and services for e-commerce website dmuniverse.com.

1. General

These terms have been processed under the Civil Code, the Law on Consumer Protection and the Law on Electronic Commerce, as amended.

The parties agree that the buyer sent the seller agrees to the fact that these terms and conditions and provisions shall apply to every contract of sale entered into through the website seller, whereby the seller delivers the goods presented on the website in the purchaser (hereinafter "purchase agreement") and all relations between the seller and the buyer arising from the conclusion of the purchase contract.

These terms and conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract.

List of goods e-commerce website, operated by the seller is a catalog of the goods supplied and the seller does not guarantee the immediate availability of all these products. Product availability is indicated for each product in "On" and will be confirmed by the buyer based on buyer's questions.

2. The way the conclusion of the purchase contract (order)

The purchase contract is binding acceptance of the proposal to conclude a purchase contract by inserting the seller of goods to the shopping cart and sending orders to the seller's website.

After the previous issue an order confirmation seller to the buyer, identified as "Order Confirmation", to accept orders by e-mail or telephone.

Order Confirmation seller shall contain the following information:

  • availability and date of delivery to the purchaser,
  • name and price of the goods, the price of transport,
  • To address the goods along with a contact name,
  • conditions and mode of transportation.

3. The rights and obligations of the seller

The seller is obliged to:

deliver under the orders confirmed by the seller to the buyer the goods at the agreed quantity, quality, time and wrap it that necessary to protect the transport, ensure that the goods meet the applicable laws.

The seller has the right to proper and timely payment of the purchase price from the buyer for the goods.

4. The rights and obligations of the buyer

Buyer must:

  • assume purchased or ordered goods
  • pay the seller the agreed purchase price at an agreed maturity including the cost of delivery of goods,
  • not to harm good business name of the seller.

The buyer has the right to supply the quantity, quality, time and place agreed by the parties in the order confirmation.

5. Terms of delivery

Product is sold by exposed patterns, catalogs, letters of the type and color cards placed on the vendor website e-commerce vendor.

The seller is obliged to fulfill the buyer's order and deliver the goods to the purchaser within 14 working days from delivery of the goods by the supplier or manufacturer of the goods to the seller.

The buyer must take delivery at the location that is specified in the order confirmation the buyer by the seller. Where there is a delay in delivery by the seller, the seller may extend the time limit for delivery of goods, and even repeatedly, what the seller shall issue a certificate to the buyer. If the buyer does not accept the merchandise within 14 days from the date the buyer available, the seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract and sell the goods to a third party. After the goods sold to a third party vendor or its return to the buyer paid deposit.

Weight, dimensions and other particulars of the goods contained in catalogs, brochures and other writings seller placed on the website e-commerce vendor data are non-binding.

The buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the container shipment immediately upon receipt. If the package is mechanically damaged goods, the buyer is obliged to notify the carrier and its presence check on the status of the goods under the shell. In the event of damage to the goods rather carrier with record buyers, so. claims record protocol. Based on this record prepared by the vendor shall remove the defects, a discount on goods or in the case of irremovable defects of goods delivered to the buyer a new product.
The buyer is entitled in the event of non-delivery by the seller within 8 business days of the confirmed delivery date to withdraw from a confirmed order. If the buyer has paid in advance for goods, the seller shall refund the amount paid by wire transfer to the account of the buyer's intended buyer within 3 working days of receipt of a written withdrawal.

6. The purchase price

The buyer must pay the seller the price of the goods agreed in the order confirmation, including the cost of delivery of goods (hereinafter referred to as "purchase price") by:

  • cash payment at the headquarters of the seller;
  • wire transfer on behalf of the seller, listed in the order confirmation (PayPal etc..).

Seller reserves the right to change the purchase price in case of changes in legislation, changes in the euro exchange rate and price changes by the manufacturers or suppliers of goods.

The buyer must pay the purchase price agreed for the goods within the period specified in the order confirmation, but no later than on receipt of goods.

7. Acquisition of property and transfer of responsibility for damage to goods

The buyer shall take title to the goods until full payment of the full purchase price of the goods.

Responsibility for damage to the goods passes to the buyer at the moment takes the goods from the seller, or when to do so in time, then at the time when the vendor to dispose of the goods and the goods are not buyers.

8. Personal data and the protection

The Seller undertakes to respect the privacy of the buyer. The seller could offer a valuable service buyer needs to know some personal information the buyer. These data prevents exploitation.

If the buyer is a natural person (Non-Business), it is necessary to identify, to notify the seller of your first and last name, home address, including zip code, delivery address (if different), telephone number and e-mail address.

If the buyer is a legal person or sole trader, it is necessary for the carrying identification, to notify the seller of your business name, business address, including zip code, company registration number, delivery address (if different), telephone number and e-mail address.
The buyer declares that he agrees to sec. § 7. 1 of the Act. 428/2002 Z.z. on Personal Data Protection, as amended, the seller and keep the processed personal data provided. Seller agrees that Buyer fails to provide such information to a third party. The buyer gives the seller the agreement for an indefinite period.

Purchasing data for the buyer (as required to ensure the supply of goods, handling of complaints, etc.) are stored in the database zabezpečnie. Seller agrees that this data does not provide any third party.

Consent to the processing of personal data, the buyer can withdraw at any time in writing. Approval shall expire within one month of receipt of the appeal consent of the buyer to the seller.

Changes in the personal data may be made by sending the buyer the information e-mail the seller or modifying data in your customer account.

Buyer sent expresses his agreement that he should send seller activity reports (not promotional messages) without prior request from the buyer to send such messages.

9. Final provisions

Seller reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Obligation written notice changes in these Terms and Conditions is met by placing the website e-commerce vendor.

The Parties agree that the communication between them will be carried out privately by e-mail.

Legal relations seller and buyer expressly modified these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the Act. 22/2004 Z.z. electronic commerce, the Civil Code, Law no. 250/2007 Z.z. Consumer Protection and the Law no. 108/2000 Z.z. on consumer protection in distance selling, as amended, as well as related regulations.

These terms and conditions shall take effect on the buyer concluding the contract.

Buyer placing an order confirming that the following general terms and conditions, or business vendor and vendor complaint rules read, familiarize themselves with their contents and fully agrees with them.