Depeche Mode - Ultra Vinyl LP  

Depeche Mode - Ultra [Vinyl]


Album release year 1997

Release year of the first reissue of the album 2017

2023 reissue  _._.

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Wilder's departure and lead singer Dave Gahan's drug problems, which culminated in a near-fatal overdose, had caused many people to speculate that the band was finished. This is their first album as a trio since 1982's A Broken Frame. Ultra debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and at number five on the Billboard 200. By April 2006, the album had sold 584,000 copies in the United States. Although the project was initially conceived as an EP, Ultra was the band's longest album to date, clocking in at one hour.

Depeche Mode - Ultra Vinyl - [180 Gram Vinyl]

1. Barrel Of A Gun
2. The Love Thieves
3. Home
4. It's No Good
5. Uselink
6. Useless
7. Sister Of Night
8. Jazz Thieves
9. Freestate
10. The Bottom Line
11. Insight
12. Junior Painkiller

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Artist Depeche Mode
Medium type Audio LP

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