Recoil - Selected CD  

Recoil - Selected CD


Selected is the first compilation album released by the British musical project Recoil, fronted by Alan Wilder, released on April 19, 2010. The album features an eclectic mixture of vocalists including: Diamanda Galás, Joe Richardson, Douglas McCarthy, Samantha Coerbell, Siobhan Lynch, Toni Halliday, Nicole Blackman, Maggie Estep and Carla Trevaskis.

The tracks on Selected has been chosen by Alan Wilder who explained that the collection was made up of "his personal favourites, remastered and edited together into what I consider a cohesive and total listening experience." The tracks have been edited, where appropriate, by Wilder and Paul Kendall and re-mastered with Simon Heyworth at the Super Audio Mastering.

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Recoil - Selected CD

Format: Audio CD

1. Strange Hours
2. Faith Healer
3. Jezebel
4. Allelujah
5. Want
6. Red River Cargo
7. Supreme
8. Prey
9. Drifting
10. Luscious Apparatus
11. The Killing Ground (Excerpt)
12. Shunt
13. Edge To Life
14. Last Breath

Artist Alan Wilder
Medium type Audio CD

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