Depeche Mode - The Singles 86-98 (2CD)  

Depeche Mode - The Singles 86-98 (2CD)


The Singles 86>98 is a singles compilation album released in 1998 by Depeche Mode. It was released as a follow-up to the band's previous compilation, The Singles 81→85, which was also re-released in the same year. The compilation covers the band's 7-inch single releases spanning five studio albums (from 1986's Black Celebration to 1997's Ultra), as well as including the band's 1998 stand-alone single "Only When I Lose Myself". Also included is "Little 15" (from Music for the Masses, released as a single in Europe), and the live version of "Everything Counts" (from the live album 101) which was released as a single in 1989. All tracks on The Singles 86>98 were newly remastered, as was the case with the re-release of The Singles 81→85.

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Depeche Mode - The Singles 86-98 (2CD)

Format: Audio CD


01 Stripped
02 A Question Of Lust
03 A Question Of Time
04 Strangelove
05 Never Let Me Down Again
06 Behind The Wheel
07 Personal Jesus
08 Enjoy The Silence
09 Policy Of Truth
10 World In My Eyes

01 I Feel You
02 Walking In My Shoes
03 Condemnation
04 In Your Room
05 Barrel Of A Gun
06 It's No Good
07 Home
08 Useless
09 Only When I Lose Myself
10 Little 15
11 Everything Counts (Live)

Artist Depeche Mode
Medium type Audio CD

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